Popular sodas from around the globe are on display in Travis Scott's new custom ASTROWORLD vending machine, which is set to be installed in the La Flame offices later this month.

The themed vending machines enthusiasts over at TMZ ran an exclusive Monday detailing the ins and outs of the Exotic Pop-designed rarity. In addition to providing users with an assortment of snacks and global sodas, the machine also comes complete with the ability to project a 3D spinning hologram of the ASTROWORLD cover art. For ease of soda, snack, and hologram usage, the machine also boasts a 49-inch touchscreen that will offer the added feature of being able to simply make a custom order for delivery when a desired item isn't available for consumption.

Exotic Pop boss Charleston Wilson said in Monday’s report that the company was "happy to deliver" the machine (which Scott reached out about having made) to Scott's office once he's off the road later this month. For those interested in the overall cost of a thing like this, TMZ says such a customization would typically run you around $50,000.

Scott's love for vending machines was previously hinted at in last year's Rolling Stone cover story, during which it was noted that he had a soda can machine of some type "positioned next to the door" in his bedroom.

And in related customized La Flame snacks-related news, he just last month unveiled a Reese's Puffs collab at a Paris pop-up experience that included custom-made boxes of the good stuff nodding to the Cactus Jack aesthetic.