Juice WRLD has never shied away from his drug use. But, on Tuesday, the artist announced that he's choosing love over drugs. 

On Monday evening, Juice WRLD tweeted, "Ima leave that shit alone 4 good watch me.. I’m done w it." Like most of his tweet, there was little context provided to decipher this cryptic message.

The rapper's significant other, Ally Lotti, responded to his post by quoting the tweet with the message "pls." This seemed to have prompted Juice WRLD to publicly address his demons so that others can learn from his mistakes.

"Bae I’m sorry I be tweaking, you’ve put up with more than ppl know," Juice WRLD responded. "I know I be scaring you, fuck Codeine I’m done. I love you and im letting it be known publicly that ain’t shit fucking up the real love I found. Learn from this everyone. Addiction kills all but you can overcome."

As mentioned, this is not the first time Juice WRLD has touched on how his substance abuse has affected those around him. On "I'll Be Fine," Juice raps "Swervo told me stop popping them xannies before I flat line... My momma told me, 'Stop the painkillers'/Them shits is killing me." But, during an interview with Vulture, Juice WRLD says he's striving to adhere to a more sober lifestyle. 

"More recently, I’ve just kind of realized certain things about myself and my coming up, the way that substances played a part in my life, whether it was me doing them or other people," he explained. "It’s something that I’m trying to separate myself from."

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