Childish Gambino wants Australia to cherish Tame Impala as their favorite entertainer. 

According to local publication Pile Rats, Gambino took a break from his performance in Perth to remind the audience that Tame Impala is really good. 

"Do y’all fuck with Tame Impala? I fuck with Tame Impala," Gambino asked the crowd. "Black people really fuck with Tame Impala, y’all should be proud of him."

As a black person, Gambino's statement is an accurate assessment. Kevin Parker's psych-rock project probably falls in between Steve Irwin and Wolverine as the Australian cultural exports that catch our attention. Like most things, this affinity has spilled over into social media with people reminding everyone that their love for Tame Impala goes way back.

Gambino's praise for Tame Impala could be rooted in admiration and inspiration. As he made his transition from a backpack rapper to the artist he is today, many likened his vocal style to that of Tame Impala.

Gambino's performance in Perth was his first time in Australia since postponing dates following a foot injury. This is also one of the final shows of what he claims will be his "last tour" as Childish Gambino.