Wale flexes his understanding of astrology on "Gemini (2 Sides)." 

Wale might have put together one of the best social media rebrands in history. While he still might send a shot at an annoying fan or two, Folarin's Twitter is no longer a viral minefield where he explodes on trolls. Instead, his account is now dedicated to his random thoughts and hobbies. This includes lively debates about preferred food choices as well as his affinity for women and astrology. After using "Daylight" to declare that these tweets were just him playing around while he finished the album, the versatile Virgo decided to blend his astrological interests with his musical talents.

Like "Daylight," Wale premiered "Gemini (2 Sides)" on YouTube through an intricate lyric video. Like the title suggests, Wale uses the "twin" symbolism which companies the Gemini sign to paint the picture of a woman hiding her love for him. He does this by littering the chorus with contradictions that describe his lover.

"Something out of a fairy tale/the fairest of them all but you're scary still," Wale raps over the instrumental produced by DJ Sued. "Poised getting coins but you're always on the fence with me. Gemini women to switch up the vibe with you."

Yet, Wale doesn't place these inconsistencies solely on his partner. As the song continues, the rapper unravels the issues that accompany his sun sign. 

"Hi, I'm a Virgo with trust issues/And I, think that Mercury's f**kin' with you," he spits. "Purposely flirting with you isn't working/I'm searching to find your person/You just hurting my pride."

Although it isn't certain if these tracks will make the project, "Gemini (2 Sides)" is the second loosie Wale has dropped to lead into his upcoming sixth studio album.