Tyga's Legendary cut "Haute," featuring J Balvin and Chris Brown over some D.A. Doman, now has an aesthetically on-point video.

See the latest built-for-summer visual from Tyga and his video collaborator Arrad up top.

Legendary, proposed as an Album of the Summer contender by the man himself earlier this week, is out Friday.

Earlier this week, the prolific former Decaydance signee sat down with the BUILD Series team for an extended 28-minute discussion on how the new album grew out of an initially singles-focused approach.

"I look at it more as a playlist, and if you want those vibes or if you want a certain vibe and summertime is really, that's when music is at its peak, when people are looking for those vibes to go out, road trips, people graduating," Tyga said of the songs compiled for his follow-up to KYOTO, his 2018 album that garnered quite a bit of attention off the cover art alone.

Tyga also spoke on his aforementioned early days further developing under the wings of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, noting that getting unanimous praise for versatility isn't as important as getting feedback in general.

"I think it's something to where it's, like, we just want feedback," he said. "You work hard and you wanna share the feeling with other people . . . That's kinda, like, what excites me."