Chad Arrington, potentially known to you as Chad Focus, has been indicted for allegedly using a company-issued credit card from his day job to fund his music career

The Baltimore singer had a minor hit last year with his song "Dance With Me." However, he is believed to have made over $4.1 million in purchases on a credit card that wasn't his own to get his music in front of fans. Pitchfork reports that he's facing charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft that could land him in prison for the next 20 years. 

Arrington was employed as an SEO specialist when he allegedly conspired with four other people to rack up millions of dollars in fraudulent purchases on the company's dime. Prosecutors believe that Arrington used the money to promote his music and purchase fake streams and follows for his songs and social media accounts.

Some of that money seems to have gone to a billboard in Times Square. 

Replies to that tweet show Focus wasn't afraid to do the same closer to home, suggesting that he had a similar billboard in DC. 

Arrington allegedly avoided detection by faking credit card statements and forging signatures of supervisors within the company. Focus appeared in an interview with 50 Cent's website ThisIs50 last year purporting to have the "cheat code" to help musicians make money off of streaming.