The Game was hit hard when fellow Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down outside of his Marathon clothing store on March 31. Following his death, The Game posted a series of emotional tributes to the late rapper on Instagram. Now he's decided it's time to stop the posts, via what else, an Instagram post.

"I woke up today with a bunch of mixed emotions as sometimes we as humans do," he started his lengthy post. "My 1st thought was to find another inspiring picture of Nip & post it because I know there are thousands, maybe millions of you who use it & the messages below it as daily motivation. Then I thought, for his wife & family most of who follow me... might be saddened by the constant reminders not just on my page but everywhere they look online & on social media making it harder for them to find peace."

The Game first started #OneNipPostADayTillFadeAway in April, dedicating a lot of his energy to showing just how much Nip meant to everyone. "I didn't think of how its consistency would make those closest to him feel as my posts have a long reach," he continued. "In no way shape or form did posting my n***a daily do anything for me outside of making it harder for even myself to accept the reality of his passing."

Due to the high number of tributes to Nipsey Hussle he had posted on his Instagram, some followers questioned why he didn't post as many things about his father George Taylor when he passed away last year. Going forward, Tha Game added that he will only post a tribute to Nip on Sundays in respect for the day in which he died. "I come to you in my most humbled state asking that you truly find understanding in my decisions."