Baby Soulja’s name has been in some truly wild headlines this year. In February, everyone thought he was dead after a car crash, until his brother cleared up the rumors and said it was a hoax and Soulja’s Instagram page was hacked. Then, in March, several blogs reported that he fired a missile into an abandoned building. But despite all the noise and distractions, the most interesting thing about Baby Soulja is the music. The Florida rapper’s style is raw and unpolished, giving listeners an unfiltered look into the 25-year-old’s reality in Jacksonville. The hypnotic PC Tweezie-assisted “FACING 10” is anchored by a menacing delivery, while songs like “Thug Cry” show his soulful side. In other words, his music reflects everything you would hope for from a rapper named Baby Soulja who owns a grenade launcher—Eric Skelton