Ottawa-based pair Garçons, aka singer-songwriter Deelo Avery and producer Julian Strangelove, are back with a smooth, groove-filled new single called "Pedigree". As the name suggests, the pair have gone all out with Strangelove even taking the directors' chair for the track's visuals. The end result is a joyfully upbeat jam with a relentlessly catchy hook and a head-bobbing beat. The video, meanwhile, follows Avery in his role as a janitor vibing out and cutting some serious shapes through the hallways of the school he's supposed to be cleaning. For everyone watching the clock in their workplace, this bop's for you.

Speaking with Complex via email, Strangelove told us: "The inspiration behind this song came from our love for classic Afrobeats music during the 1970s. Growing up in Nigeria, Deelo was exposed to Fela Kuti and other Afrobeats artists from the day he was born. His music constantly played in his house, on the TV and everywhere on the radio. It runs in his blood, hence the name "Pedigree". It was fun to start there with those elements of funk, jazz and soul, and develop that into something with our own little original touch."