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Friday should have been full of celebration for Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper released her highly anticipated full-length debut Fever to much acclaim. Yet instead of fully being able to bask in the glow of her accomplishments, Thee Stallion was hit with ghostwriting allegations after social media personality and music artist Wolftyla claimed to have contributed to Fever's "Simon Says."

"#simonsays play this record on repeat," Wolftyla captioned an Instagram post featuring the track. "grateful to be a part of this record leaving little paw prints all over 2k19."

Although she never insinuated she wrote Megan's verse, Wolftyla did use her Instagram live to share a purported reference track.

This prompted Thee Stallion to respond to the speculations by detailing how the track came to her possession. 

"When Juicy J brought the song to me—and y’all know I don’t let nobody write shit for me—the one motherfucking time I let a n***a say 'Hey, this would be a good idea' and I take it, here comes a random motherfucker trying to act like they really did some shit," Megan stated. "If you had been clear and direct from the beginning, we wouldn’t even be doing all this. It wouldn’t have been that crucial, and it’s still not that crucial, because I don’t got no problem with admitting when somebody did something."

Juicy J confirmed Megan's retelling of the events by posting a screenshot of Thee Stallion's Instagram story to his account that reads: "Juicy J wrote the hook and gave it to me I don't care about no reference lol."

"I produce & write a lot of songs," the Three Six Mafia member wrote under his post. "I get people to reference the songs I wrote Simon Says now lets end this , this is very Petty have a happy Sunday!"