Just when it seemed like hip-hop couldn't get any pettier, Joyner Lucas entangles himself in a social media beef with Peter Rosenberg over a cell phone.

On Tuesday, the cast of Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning decided to give their thoughts on Joyner Lucas' new track "Devil's Work." Aside from critiquing Lucas' creative direction, the show's co-host Rosenberg recounted a story explaining how a cell phone caused a rift between himself and the rapper.

"He said he won't do interviews anymore because he said I disrespected him because I looked at my cell phone," Rosenberg explained at the video's 3:20-minute mark. "I wanted to get the date that his record was released so I opened up the Wikipedia page."

"His team called me," Rosenberg continued. "And was like, 'Yo, listen man. There's a part in the interview—I don't know about your interview team, if they're not doing their job—but they showed you on your cell phone during the interview."

Rosenberg then went on to poke fun at the way Joyner Lucas performs his lyrics by tweeting a video captioned: "This is how rapper rappers dance ... [Joyner Lucas] please don’t come for me bro."

Although Rosenberg insists he only looked at his phone once to further the direction of their conversation, the next day Joyner decided to take tell his side of the story in front of the unforgiving judge that is the internet.

"Stop it bro. Do me a favor & find the original footage of interview & keep the cam on you the whole time," Lucas said in a tweet containing a clip of Rosenberg's story. "U was on phone at least 10X texting while I was talking. So Yea I felt disrespected. Release same interview but keep cam on u the whole time. Bet u won’t."

Lucas followed this post with another tweet explaining how he simply wanted a reciprocation of the professionalism he displayed the day of the interview.

"I woke up early AF to go to your station to give a solid interview as you sit and text more than a handful of times right in my face," Lucas wrote. "How u mad at me Becuz I felt disrespected at the lack of respect you showed me? [Stop] treating artists like we need u ni**az in 2019."

Rosenberg has yet to respond to Lucas with the footage he requested. But with the abundance of media outlets and the ability to market one's self via social media, it can be assumed that Lucas will not be on any of Rosenberg's platforms in the near future.