Since 50 Cent became "Fofty," he has been collecting on owed debts in spectacular fashion. His most recent accomplishment is settling a $20 debt.

On Saturday, 50 explained on Instagram that a fan came to a meet-and-greet just to repay the rapper for stealing his album in fifth grade.

"Why this n***a come to the store and give me this $20 right here," 50 said in a video showing the money. "He said, 'here take it...' and said, 'I stole your CD in fifth grade. The only person who knew about it was my cousin, but this bitch on some bullshit so I know she going to go left on me. I don't need you putting me all over your Instagram.'"

Earlier this month, 50 Cent went on the offensive against former Power EP Randall Emmett. Despite Emmett claiming he was on his way to the emergency room, 50 sent him a barrage of messages because he owed the rapper $6 million. Emmett misspelled Fifty as "Fofty" in his text response.

While $6 million is enough to make anyone angry, Fofty also went after actor Jackie Long last week for $3,000. Both men took to Instagram later to declare that they've solved their issues.