Even if you've never heard the name 4Korners, you've surely heard his sounds if you've ever been to a Toronto Raptors game or even watched one on TV: He's been the team's official DJ for over a decade. While he's become known the world over for his song selection, 4Korners is switching gears to make his own music and "I Want More" is the latest offering, produced in collaboration with some rising talent from around Canada and beyond. 

The bass-heavy party record features contributions from fellow Canadians Natra (on vocals) and Kyngs (on production), with some additional production by DJ Overule from Portugal. "This record came together super organically," 4Korners recalls. "Overule sent me a demo of an unfinished track he had on an old hard drive. He thought there was something special about it, but wanted a second opinion. As soon as I heard it, the ideas started flowing. I happened to be in the studio with Ashton Adams, one half of Kyngs, at the time and he was feeling it, so we just jumped in." During the production process, Natra came up in the conversation about features and through a series of mutual connections, they got together, wrote, and recorded the song in a few short hours.

Listen to "I Want More" via Spotify below or add it to your playlists on any other streaming platform

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