Drake has found himself in a bit of a back-and-forth with grime pioneer Wiley over "culture vulture" comments. During an interview with Tiffany Calver on BBC 1Xtra, Drake responded to the criticism, directly dropping Wiley's name into the mix.

"It is what it is," Drizzy explained. "I see a lot and I’ll never understand how supporting somebody’s song or even going a step further and giving somebody a song or linking up. I’ll never understand how that’s not viewed as something admirable but I guess people have their own outlook on it." Drake said it's something that's been "bothering" him, at which point he said, "It’s Wiley that said that, I’ll just say his name because that was some goofy shit."

Shortly after, Wiley posted on Instagram Stories to mock Drake's Toronto accent. He also tweeted, "Have I got myself into a war with @Drake?"

On IG, he shared the clip of Drake talking about the "culture vulture" comments. "If what I was saying was wrong you would of [sic] stayed silent," he captioned the clip.

It's clear Wiley is having a lot of fun with the drama, choosing to revel in his comments rather than outright attacking Drizzy's character or abilities as a rapper. In fact, when it came to responding to fans chiming in on the matter, Wiley actually defended Drake at times. "He is actually good tho so I won't put him down," he told one fan who asked for the two to go bar-for-bar.

Wiley has been in a beef with Drake's good friend Skepta for quite some time now, which would also explain why he was willing to throw Drake under the bus in the first place.