New York DJ-turned-rapper Supa Dupa Humble is, as his name suggests, incredibly grateful for his success on TikTok. After discovering the app through comments on his YouTube videos, he downloaded TikTok and found that his song “Steppin’” (featuring Mills Supreme) had its own #idontknow challenge.

“My ultimate goal when creating a song is for it to eventually get the ‘meme treatment.’” - Supa Dupa Humble

“The song wasn’t officially in the system at the time, so we couldn’t track the actual numbers, but I knew there were at least a few hundred videos,” he tells Complex. After contacting TikTok’s music content and artist relations director, Mary Rahmani, to find out more, Supa realized the scope of his song. “About a week later ‘Steppin’ was officially uploaded to TikTok, revealing there were already 500,000 videos on the platform,” Supa explains. “Quickly after, ‘Steppin’ was added to the featured playlist with a corresponding banner on TikTok’s sounds page.”

The #idontknow challenge encapsulates TikTok’s carefree attitude. There is no message, no diss, and no real point, except for a meme that creates an inside joke through repetition and physical humor. “My ultimate goal when creating a song is for it to eventually get the ‘meme treatment,’” Supa says. “Now that I understand how memes can positively affect music, it’s an important factor in my creative process.”

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