On Wednesday, a video in which T-Pain recounts the time a man told him he let his brother die began to be circulated online.


#tpain goes off on a man who accused him of allowing his brother to die.

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"My brother just died February 5th, bro," the 1-Up singer began. "And this man just told me I let my brother die because of the hospital bills."

Although T-Pain doesn't disclose who the person was, if they would have done their research they would've known that it was reported that Pain paid a condiserable amount of money in hospital bills for his brother. Pain went on to mention this before giving more details on his brother's passing. 

"He said this after I paid $2.2 million in hospital bills and he told me if I paid more money then my brother would still be alive," T-Pain continued. "Money doesn't fix everything, bro. You putting too much power in the money..."

T-pain then explained how his brother actually died. 

"N***a don't even know how my brother died," Pain said. "I paid 2.2 million. He got out the hospital and was living his life... He was walking on his walker in my momma house. He slipped up, his leg gave out, and he hit his head on the kitchen counter and his brain started bleeding and he went brain dead and then he died. How can money fix that my n***a?"

Although the reason for his brother's initial hospital stay hasn't disclosed, it is known that his brother had been sick for sometime before his passing.