Even prior to the rapper's passing, Meek Mill had been vocal about his affinity for Nipsey Hussle's All Money In, No Money Out movement. So in an effort to commemorate the life of his peer, Meek Mill decided to have a picture of Hussle set around diamonds in his new chain.

When indulging in their respective catalogs it is easy to see why Meek and Nipsey revered each other. Although they were from different coasts, they both tell stories of financial freedom and perseverance that motivate their communities. This seemed to pull the two together as Meek and Nipsey went on record stating that they were working on creating a joint album.

"We’ve been cutting ideas and just getting in. We got a couple records that’s going to go off for the summer. It’s not hard at all we just got to lock in and get the records done," Hussle said during an interview with Los Angeles radio station REAL 92.3. "We working right now as we speak. We on album time right now. Next thing we going to put out musically is an album."

Unfortunately, Hussle's life was cut short before the album could be completed. But, still Meek has the rare pleasure of saying he had a creative connection with Hussle. 

Their connection extends further than 2018-19. In the early stages of their careers, Hussle and Mill almost became label mates. When forming his Maybach Music Group, Rick Ross extended Nipsey Hussle an opportunity to sign with MMG. But, Hussle's vision for himself and his community limited Ross from being able to create a situation that was suitable. Despite this, the two maintained a healthy working relationship with Hussle even giving Ross a shout out on "Blue Laces 2."

Like Meek, this friendship prompted Ross to immortalize Hussle by having Nipsey's face painted on the doors of his personal elevator. 


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