This world will surely breathe an exacerbated sigh of relief upon fresh word of an apparent peace between Machine Gun Kelly and G-Eazy.

Over the weekend, the two were seen onstage together at the Palms Resort and Casino's KAOS club in Las Vegas, where G-Eazy was performing as part of the throwdown spot's opening weekend festivities. Eazy, himself the subject of some MGK disses in the past, brought the recent The Dirt star to the stage to run through his 2018 Binge cut "LOCO."

2018 managed to fold in a number of Kelly x Eazy developments, even amidst Kelly's extended back-and-forth with Eminem that at one point inadvertently received some fuel via a misleadingly edited video of a crowd of Fall Out Boy fans. MGK took some hits on Eazy's "Bad Boy," while MGK presented some shots of his own in a Funk Flex freestyle. Halsey, who was unfairly brought into the feud, even chimed in at one point without naming names.

In a side-by-side comparison post on Instagram in August alleging that Eazy ripped off his aesthetic, Eazy—according to a Billboard report—originally wrote in the caption "I fucked his girl now he looks like me this shit overbearing." The post's hashtagged mini-me diss, however, remains live:

As for what moved Kelly and Eazy to publicly set aside their differences in Vegas this weekend, the reason is anyone's guess. But hopefully it leads to a new collab together.