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Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton is no stranger to using the internet in inventive ways, but his latest project might be one of his most interesting yet.

After releasing his Arizona Baby album earlier this week, the Texas-bred rapper and singer is streaming himself walking on a treadmill outside of his childhood home in Corpus Christi for ten hours.

He started the stream at 3:00 p.m. ET with no one around him, with fans eventually finding the location and joining him. He's since been answering brief questions from numerous fans as well as signing items. During the stream, he mentioned that he was influenced by Shia LaBeouf, who has famously hosted a number of livestream art projects. In 2015, Shia hosted a stream of him watching his own movies. Interestingly, Abstract's Twitter avi is a pic of Shia LaBeouf from the movie Disturbia.

Kevin Abstract has done his own livestream in the past, too. Back in 2014, before Brockhampton officially formed, he hosted a 24-hour livestream of his desktop, giving fans an intimate look at how he used the internet. It's unclear if his current stream is leading towards anything when it finishes after the ten hours he committed to.

Earlier this week, he dropped his Jack Antonoff and Romil-produced album Arizona Baby, which followed a series of three-song drops in the weeks prior.

Check out Kevin Abstract's "1999" livestream above.