Kenny Beats and Rico Nasty just dropped their collaborative project Anger Management to an overwhelmingly positive reaction on social media. You'll be shocked to discover Azealia Banks is not a fan. Kenny revealed on Twitter that he received a series of texts from Banks, who felt compelled to tell him Anger Management sucks.

"Azealia Banks just sent me 9 texts from a random number talkin about how anger mgmt sucks she so fuckin' mad," he tweeted.

He later gave more context, sharing a screenshot he deemed his "favorite part" of the texts. "But when you are ready to respect a queen and put your white male pride aside... When you are ready to stop teaching a black woman about how to create black art... Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll let you be the runner on one of my sessions," she texted him. "Bless your heart dear."

Azealia Banks is seemingly always eager to get herself into new beefs with artists and celebrities, previously taking aim at everyone from Lana Del Rey to Elon Musk.

Meanwhile, the Blast reports that Banks has been hit with a lawsuit that alleges she owes $137,000 in outstanding credit card bills. The server responsible with giving Banks the lawsuit documents approached her when she came out of her NYC apartment to collect a delivery, at which point she said her last name was "Banks." When he gave her the docs, however, she reportedly backtracked and said that the real Azealia Banks lived there but wasn't home right now.