The drama surrounding Ella Mai's "Trip" record continues to swirl.

On Tuesday, the English singer-songwriter posted a message in which she called out an artist who was so irrelevant he/she had to rely on other people's material:

Though Ella Mai didn't drop any names, fans were convinced she was subbing the self-proclaimed "King of R&B" Jacquees. And here's why: The Cash Money artist made a surprise appearance during Tory Lanez's recent show in London. But rather than treat fans to one of his original tracks, Jacquees hit the stage to perform his remix of Ella Mai's "Trip."

OK, so Jacquees' remix has stirred up a lot of controversy over the past several months. Shortly after the "quemix" was released, Jacquees was forced to remove the cut from YouTube and Soundcloud. DJ Mustard, who signed Ella Mai several years ago, addressed the takedown via Twitter, insisting it was the label—not Ella Mai—that sent the cease-and-desist.

Jacquees spoke about the drama during an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood. The 24-year-old accused Mustard of simply "hating" on him, and that the track received Ella Mai's stamp of approval.

"And Ella Mai we had just became friends," Jacquees said. "I DM'd Ella Mai. I was like, 'I'm finna redo 'Trip' this hard.' And I dropped 'Trip' and Ella Mai commented on it. She put all the fire (emojis) on it ... you know that means it's crazy."

Well, it appears Ella Mai has rescinded her co-sign.

Not too long after the singer posted the "poor thing" tweet, Jacquees' girlfriend Dreezy hopped on Instagram to defend her man.

Check out Dreezy's and fans' reactions below.

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