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On the final night of his seven-day residency at The O2 Arena as part of the Assassination Vacation tour, Drake brought out J. Cole, who performed his hit song "Middle Child."

As the two locked arms, Cole praised Drake, calling him "top five, if not, Goddamn arguably the best rapper to ever come in this motherf**ker." 

"Listen, I'm gonna tell you one thing about me and this guy right here," Drake responded. "When I think of all my earliest memories when we were doing this shit... this is just for anybody... that has a dream, that has a vision. When I think of all my earliest memories there was always one guy that was always right there doing the same thing as me. Taking care of his people, showin' love, and it’s this man right here. He hasn't changed since the first day I met him." 

Then, Drake teased that there's some music with Cole on the horizon, saying, "I can't wait to make some new music with you. I know we been working. I can't wait to let these people hear it."

After teasing a follow-up to What a Time to Be Alive with Future last week, Drake is gearing us up for what should be a fun 2019.