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Drake has come a long way since he began a career, as he made clear on his 2013 hit "Started from the Bottom." But despite his massive success, he's always remained close to his mother, Sandi Graham. TMZ reports that an old note he wrote to Sandi has been put up for auction through memorabilia company Moments in Time, for $7500.

It's not exactly clear when the note was written, but it was definitely in the very early stages of his music career. In fact, the first page of the note features an early bio that Drizzy wrote himself. "Aubrey sings, raps, and acts," he wrote. "Dad was in a blues band and when allowed, I would watch him play and sometimes get up and sing." He also listed off his idols, which included, B.I.G., Will Smith, Lil Bow Wow, Usher, Al Green, and JAY-Z. He also listed Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. He also promises to clean his room, to which someone writes back: "in order to receive 8:15 am rides this week -- room must be clean + bathroom must be clean AS PROMISED FRI JAN. 18th!!!" 

The note was found in an old rhyme book of Drake's that was discovered in a dumpster near his grandpa's old furniture factory in Toronto, which coincidentally is one of the first places the 6 God ever worked. Earlier this year, the whole rhyme book was put on sale for $32,500.

Drake is currently on tour in Europe, but with the Raptors embarking on what could be a very long playoff run, it won't be long before he and his mom are reunited.