"Old Town Road" has received yet another vital boost, this time in the form of a highly replayable remix from CupcakKe.

Late Wednesday, CupcakKe delivered her "Old Town Hoe" take to fans, just in time for the Lil Nas X megahit's latest charts successes. Keeping the original's addictive melody intact, the "Squidward Nose" crafter uses the under-three-minutes instrumental to flip the narrative entirely.

"I'm gonna take your dick, put in my hole, I'm gonna ride till I can't no more," CupcakKe sings in the chorus, later amending notable X lines from the original to shout out "good brain like a dork" and having "all fingers in me like a puppet." Stream the song, which also includes a Pop-Tarts mention, up top.

The track, which famously received a Billy Ray Cyrus update in the wake of a frustratingly shortsighted countryism debate, is showing no signs of slowing down in the weeks ahead. We're still waiting for the release of another high-profile remix from none other than X's fellow country trap pioneer Young Thug, who previously entered in the territory with his excellent Beautiful Thugger Girls cut "Family Don't Matter."


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As you know by the fact that it's still playing literally everywhere all the time, "Old Town Road" is currently hanging out in the No. 1 spot of the Hot 100.