The Powers That Be over at Pop-Tarts are down with the joys of the inverted cross lifestyle, and why shouldn't they be? This shit is a lot of fun.

Previously confirmed Pop-Tarts aficionado Lil Uzi Vert, whilst wearing an upside down cross necklace I'm going to need someone to recreate for me and ship out immediately, tweeted Monday that he was deep in Pop-Tarts thoughts while heartbroken in Australia. "Sittin here thinking about Pop Tarts in Australia," he said. Within hours, whoever's running the @PopTartsUS account had responded in kind to Uzi's Pop-Tarts appreciation post with a well-placed "XO TOUR Llif3" reference.

Last month, Pop-Tarts was hit with some free Grammys promotion when Uzi name-dropped the pre-baked pastries during an insta-classic red carpet interview with E! personality Giuliana Rancic. "Waking up, eat some Pop-Tarts," Uzi said when Rancic, who later called this her favorite interview of the night, inquired about what's next for him.

Pop-Tarts, of course, was very into Uzi's proposed itinerary.

The only logical conclusion here would include Pop-Tarts dropping limited edition Lil Uzi Vert pastries, complete with frosting in the shape of inverted crosses, and sponsoring an Uzi x Marilyn Manson co-headlining tour.