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Though current talk on bold Kodak Black comments is centered around his recent doubling down on those 2Pac and Biggie comparisons, Sticky Fingaz hasn't forgotten the claims the South Florida artist made about him earlier this month.

As you'll recall, Kodak recently took to Instagram Live to allege that he had punched Sticky Fingaz after the Onyx member entered his tour bus. Though Kodak didn't specify what transpired prior to the bus encounter, he made claims of also having searched the It's About T.I.M.E. star's bag and discovered a fake gun.

"This fuck n***a, he was playin' crazy on my bus, and I ain't like that," Kodak claimed at the time. "I ain't even know why my cousin let this fuck n***a [in] or where he met this n***a at. I ain't like how he was dancin', I ain't like energy. I ain't like his little '70 baby, '80 baby, whatever his generation vibe [...] I punched that n***a dead in his shit."

In his new song "Bust Down," Sticky Fingaz refutes Kodak's recollection of the evening in question. "Where the fuck was I at?" he asks, calling Kodak a fuckboy.

The full track is available via Sticky Fingaz' website and is packaged as part of his "digital album movie." At the time of this writing, Kodak has not responded to the new Sticky track.

Addressing his previous comments about being worthy of being in the same category as 2Pac and Biggie during another recent Instagram Live session, Kodak doubled down by saying he believes they've only achieved legend status due to their untimely deaths.

"Them n***as was just legends 'cause they died," he said Thursday.