Kodak Black took some time out of his busy tour schedule to share a wild anecdote involving Sticky Fingaz.

During a recent Instagram Live broadcast, Kodak spoke about an alleged incident in which he assaulted the East Coast hip-hop veteran. Kodak claimed it all began after Sticky Fingaz stepped onto his tour bus with "old head energy"; however, the Florida rapper failed to reveal the events leading up to the alleged physical altercation. 

"I ain't like his old head energy, 'cause I don't really like older people like that," Kodak said. "I'm a '90s baby. I don't got no respect for y'all. So, this n***a he was on my bus, like—I ain't never say this, but tonight I'm gonna say it. This f**k n***a, he was playin' crazy on my bus, and I ain't like that. I ain't even know why my cousin let this f**k n***a [him in] or where he met this n***a at. I ain't like how he was dancin', I ain't like energy. I ain't like his little '70 baby, '80 baby, whatever his generation vibe [...] I punched that n***a dead in his shit."

Kodak went on to say that he ended up grabbing Sticky Fingaz bag and began looking through it. Kodak claims he found a gun inside the pack and attempted to use it on the Onyx rapper, only to find out that the firearm was fake.

"I grabbed his bag, right. I threw it, and I went in that bitch; he had a gun in there, dawg," Kodak said. "[...] When I tried to shoot the n***a, his gun was fake. I'm like, man, what the fuck? So he went running. But at the same time, I'm feelin' like, 'Why you running for if you know your gun fake? This n***a an actor n***a, man."

You can check out Kodak's story below via VladTV. The rapper does not say when this alleged incident all went down, and Sticky Fingaz has yet to respond.