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Kodak Black has been acting recklessly over the past month or so, harassing Young M.A and saying Lil Wayne "should've died when [he] was a baby." This week, he also asserted himself as one of the best rappers of all-time, claiming he's "the hardest rapper in the game, I promise." He then said he deserved to be compared to 2Pac, Biggie, and Nas. He received a lot of flak for his comments, but now he's defending himself and doubling down.

"People tryna say, oh, I can't put myself in the category with 2Pac and them," Kodak told his Instagram Live audience. "Actually, I'm better than them n***as. You know why? Like, 'cause, I live what I rap about. Them n***as was just like, them n***as was just legends 'cause they died."

"Like, when you talk 'bout me, you should put me in a category of like 'Pac, [Biggie], Nas, dem n***as, you feel me? Like really listen to my shit," he said. This obviously isn't the first time he has said he's better than 2Pac and Biggie, previously asserting himself back in 2016 on his Lil B.I.G Pac mixtape.