If you're going to be petty, you should choose a better victim than a lawyer. However, it looks like Rich the Kid might not have thought that far ahead and now he's being sued by his former landlord's attorney after allegedly subjecting her to a Valentine's Day prank.

According to TMZ, Maro Burunsuzyan has filed a lawsuit against the rapper that claims Rich the Kid plastered her phone number on his social media in a now-deleted Valentine's Day tweet that was captioned "Valentines calls me." Of course, a lot of the Atlanta artist's 1.43 million Twitter followers called the number thinking it was his personal line. This led to Burunsuzyan's phone allegedly being hazed with around 500 text messages and a plethora of phone calls.

Per the court documents, Burunsuzyan feels that Rich the Kid posted her number out of spite because of their ongoing court battle. Since this summer, Burunsuzyan—who represents the rapper's former landlord—and Rich the Kid have been embroiled in a legal dispute due to property damages and back rent. It is said that on the day of the incident, Burunsuzyan told Rich the Kid that she would no longer be communicating with him because he seemed to have no intent to pay her client. To this, the rapper allegedly responded, "Oh, really?" Moments later, the tweet was featuring Burunsuzyan's number was allegedly posted online.

A representative for Rich the Kid has yet to respond to Complex.