At its worst, this time of year can be pretty cold and miserable; the perfect weather for staying in doors and shutting the world out. While you might be tempted to put on something bright and colourful to counter that, it's actually much better suited to the kind of epic, soulful electronics being created by Moscow producer and singer Tim Aminov.

His latest single, "Opium" (taken from the upcoming EP of the same name, due March 28), is songwriting on a grand scale. The introductory ambient textures and mellow piano chords lay the groundwork as the tension builds towards Aminov's pained vocals entering the mix. From there, deconstructed club elements creep in and out of the track as he imagines a world in which we can overcome our various vices, from seeking validation on social media to drugs and alcohol.

Speaking with Complex via email, Aminov told us: "'Opium' is dedicated to all addictions that a person gets during his life. We all depend on public evaluation, social networks and imposed stereotypes. And it's not just addiction to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. What if a person can control his desires and can get rid of parasites living in his mind?"