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Sexual encounters can be fraught with potential for awkwardness and embarrassment, especially if you don't feel particularly great about your body to begin with. Of course, that goes ten-fold if you suffer from issues like body dysmorphia or any sort of eating disorder. It's that feeling, and the journey to overcome that feeling, that informs "HMLTM", the new single from Berlin-based alt-pop artist NOVAA. The new single is an upfront and candid look at her own struggles with bulimia as well as her journey towards accepting herself, told via thoughtful songwriting, delicate vocals and a bold production.

Speaking with Complex via email, NOVAA told us: "There was a time in my teens when I didn't like my body and didn't treat it in a loving way. That included my eating and exercise habits, how much I worked and how little I rested, the way I looked at and talked to it and it also included that I felt ashamed for getting physical with others. As I recovered from bulimia and healed the connection between my mind and body again, I also learned how to value, appreciate and take care of it again. Writing 'HMLTM' was my way of manifesting how to treat my body and its needs in a caring and loving way.

"'HMLTM' might come off as an ordinary song about getting physical with someone and, actually, that's exactly what it's meant to be. Often as a woman, it's not considered to be ordinary or normal to talk about your physical needs and your sexuality without feeling ashamed for it. With 'HMLTM', I wanted to write a song that is upfront and talks open about it."

"HMLTM" is taken from NOVAA's upcoming self-titled album, due April 26.