Birmingham don Hitman must've known from day one that his 2018 closer "Jack In A Box" was destined for a revisit. Produced by Filthy Gears, the punchy drums and swaggering synths had A-list remix written all over them. Well, Hitman has delivered in big ways with this one: a star-studded list of emcees that includes Syer B, GHSTLY XXVII, Villain, Deadly, Logan_OLM, Gen, K9 and woman of the moment, Taliifah. We could pile on the superlatives until the end of time, but to really get an idea of how much this one slaps, hit play below — just make sure your speakers are on loud.

If this remix isn't on heavy rotation in clubs and raves until at least the end of the year, then there truly is no hope for this country.