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UPDATED Mar. 29, 11:13 a.m. ET: "Free Uzi" has been removed from TIDAL and Apple Music, but is still streamable on SoundCloud.

See original story below.

The Uziverse has seen a number of confusing developments in recent days, ranging from Nav's claims of DJ Drama and Don Cannon feature intervention to some well-timed Roc Nation gratitude.

With Lil Uzi Vert's long-teased presumed next project Eternal Atake now (seemingly) somewhat on the horizon, we can likely soon expect some clarity on the eventual Manson collaborator's label situation. In the meantime, Uzi is making good use of the eyes currently on this increasingly compelling chapter of the Uzi legend by dropping a new song.

Below, begin the first of a presumed marathon of listens through "Free Uzi" via the SoundCloud account aptly named freeuzi; you can stream it on TIDAL and Apple Music as well. The track features a DJ L beat previously used for G Herbo's "Gangway."

Notably, the lyrics include a bit from Uzi about apparently owing $3M in taxes, rapping “Had to get my business together/I had $3 million in taxes/I got it all off on this level/They said it’s $3 million missing/I ain’t say nothing, I stay level."

Elsewhere on the track, Uzi raps: "I can't trust none of these n*ggas, might turn on me/I'm still a millionaire, this shit not hurtin' me (Woah)/But it's hurtin' you (Yeah)/And I know the truth." Some believe the lines are directed at Generation Now and are in reference to his problems with the label.

The video for "Free Uzi" is also available.

Despite Uzi's repeated suggestions of deal drama, Drama—who owns Generation Now with Cannon—maintains that Uzi is free to release Eternal Atake at any time. "He has me & Cannon's total support and blessings to drop it," he said earlier this month.

In a statement to Pitchfork, Atlantic Records said, "The record that was released today is a leak. Not official."

Also involved in the headline-snatching lead-up to Eternal Atake? The surviving members of Heaven's Gate, a San Diego-area cult founded in the mid 1970s most known for their 1997 mass suicide.