Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary has been marred in controversy ever since it debuted on the streaming platform in January. Those involved in the planning of the festival were met with scrutiny on social media following its release, but now Netflix and producer Jerry Media themselves are being sued for allegedly stealing footage from one of the ill-fated festival's attendees. 

As TMZ reports, Clarissa Cardenas says she shot video from her phone during the festival and was shocked to learn that her footage wound its way into Netflix's Fyre doc. Cardenas claims she registered her video with the U.S. Copyright Office, and in the documents pertaining to the lawsuit she also provided a screenshot of the video. The screenshot isn't accompanied by any description, however, but she claims it's entirely owned by her.

Cardenas' lawsuit is targeting Netflix and Jerry Media, and she's demanding $150,000 in damages or some proceeds of the documentary's profits. 

The Netflix documentary made news again recently when Andy King, a subject who appeared in the doc, spoke with TMZ about how he originally wanted one of his key scenes edited out of the project. "I went to them and I said, listen, I just talked to my lawyers and some of my creative team and they said 'Andy, you've gotta pull this thing, that can not go into this documentary,'" King explained, referring to the infamous "oral sex for Evian water" moment. Eventually, he was glad the scene made it into the final product.