Shy FX is preparing for the release of possibly his most eclectic and adventurous album yet. The new project wall be called Raggamuffin Soundtape and is set for a March 15 release via the Digital Soundboy empire. The first taste of that album, "Rudeboy Lovesong" with Cara Delevingne and Sweetie Irie, dropped yesterday and so far his promises of an eclectic and surprising release are holding true (although it has to be said, we did get a hint of this with last year's Maverick Sabre collab).

A little more relaxed in tempo compared to some of his other productions, "Rudeboy Lovesong" is built around jazzy synths and fizzing melodies. While Sweetie Irie sings his tale in a soulful style that at times is so measured it could almost be spoken word, Delevingne delicately sings the other side of the conversation, weaving her breathy tones around Sweetie Irie's sturdy delivery. In truth, "Rudeboy Lovesong" has shown as a new side of everyone involved, not just Shy FX.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the veteran producer said: "This track should give a greater sense of what the Raggamuffin Soundtape is about. Having a signature sound/style is cool — important even — but being able to pleasantly surprise people with things they didn't expect is also important to me as someone who has done this for as long as I have.

"In some ways this is the evolution of Digital Soundboy, a story born out of my love of different vibes and tempos, though a lot of those were made by people I respect musically... on Raggamuffin I've worked with artists and talent from all walks of life, resulting in a body of work containing a wide range of moods that make me feel something. This is just one. There'll be many more."

Pre-order Raggamuffin Soundtape here.