J. Cole weighed in on the controversy surrounding video a Florida cop manhandling a man while the man was holding his infant daughter. The rapper posted the bodycam footage of the disturbing incident to Twitter, calling the officer a "coward and a terrorist."

In the video, Broward County Deputy James Cady approaches a man named Allen Floyd. Floyd is sitting on the curb holding his child. Cady asks Floyd for his ID and, when Floyd asks why he wants to see it, the officer quickly becomes irate and aggressive. He repeatedly calls Floyd "boy" as the father tries to calmly talk through the situation. Eventually, Cady grabs Floyd by the neck and has another officer take away his baby while he shouts (incorrectly) that Floyd refused to show him ID. 

The incident in question occured all the way back in 2017, but the video has resurfaced in light of a complaint filed against one of the officers involved. Floyd has since filed a lawsuit against Cady, citing police abuse. Cady has a history of misconduct, already having cost Broward County $250,000 after losing a wrongful arrest lawsuit. 

Cole's signal boost led to other rappers pointing out the sheer evil on display in the video.

"Fuck this racist Ass cracker & this dept that allows him to police there," Killer Mike wrote on Twitter. "The Govt will eventually enslave is all becuz we allow this treatment to happen. Fuck this cop I hope he is fired BUT we know he won’t be."