Historically, DMX has not been a fan of the new wave of hip-hop. But he does seem to have some affinity for Bhad Bhabie, as evidenced by his surprise cameo in her new video "Bestie" ft. Kodak Black.

In the video to her latest single, Bhad Bhabie decided to turn the upbeat dance record into a visual that draws inspiration from classic horror flicks. For most of the video, Bhabie is flanked by a menacing masked villain who finds time to dance while also terrorizing characters. Although this makes for some entertaining content, the highlight of the video happens around the 3:40 mark when Bhabie's murderous best friend is revealed to be DMX. 

This is one of the Dog Man X's first appearances since being released from prison earlier this year. And while his presence is the most important part of the video, "Bestie" is filled with other creative flourishes. For example, Kodak Black does not appear in the video. But instead of cutting his verse from the visual, they present his feature through the head of an elderly white man whose head is served on a platter, creating an interesting juxtaposition. Another innovative touch is how Bhabie incorporated her product placement. Rather than put the products in obvious, but awkward spaces, she made the endorsements fun by pausing the song and introducing each brand like an infomercial. 

Check out the clip above.