Young Dolph had a packed 2018, releasing both his EP N****s Get Shot Everyday and his album Role Model. With all the success he had last year, he's not going to let anyone rain on his parade as evidenced by a new video of an incident that surfaced online. While performing a show at a club, someone attempted to snatch his chain, resulting in a huge fight breaking out.

Funnily enough, the clip is soundtrack by a somber version of Ella Mai's "Trip," with the man in question receiving a beating from a number of individuals. XXL reports that a video showing Dolph's hands covered in cuts and bruises circulated online, too, showing that he did indeed get involved in the brawl. Thankfully, the incident didn't get quite as bad as the Hollywood shooting he was involved with in September 2017.

A video of the violent fight can be seen above, ending with one man on the floor with several injuries.

In May 2018, a story involving Dolph went viral after two baristas were fired for playing Young Dolph's music in the coffee shop they were working at. The vice president of Duke University, where the coffee shop was located, reportedly demanded that the two employees were fired. Dolph chimed in on the situation, tweeting, "Whoever that VP is, he don't give a dam about nobody but his self... I guess he was trying to teach the students how to be selfish I guess."

Shortly after the incident, Dolph brought he two baristas to Rolling Loud and gave them $20K each.