As promised, Lil Pump has returned to continue his Harverd Dropout thesis.

Thursday, Pump dropped off his new single "Racks on Racks" off his upcoming sophomore album. Those with an extended memory of Instagram will recall that Pump teased the song way back in October, back when we still thought the album might make it out before year's end.

Stream the studio version of "Racks on Racks" below via Apple Music and/or up top via YouTube.

Simultaneously, we were given the track's official video:

Pump also joined Zane Lowe Thursday to talk about the new album and a bit more. According to Pump, he secured a Lady Gaga feature for the album. "You want a name? Lady Gaga," he said Thursday. "Yep. I got Lady Gaga on the album. What's up?" The previously delayed Harverd Dropout is due Feb. 22.

Pump recently careened into headlines by way of a tweet in which he declared himself to have been "scientifically proven" as the "most lyrical rapper" in music history:

During his interview with Lowe, Pump loosely reiterated this claim.