Lil Pump, ever the provocateur, said it's "scientifically proven" that he's "the most lyrical rapper of all time." Knowing how folks on Twitter react to such bold claims, especially from the 18-year-old rapper behind "Gucci Gang," Pump clearly understood what he was doing here. Whether he's trolling or genuinely believes he's the most lyrical rapper alive, Pump got a big reaction for his tweet.

Reactions have ranged from kindheartedly encouraging the rapper, who continues to develop an increasingly outlandish persona, to full-on outrage.

Previously, a study showed how the lyrical intelligence of hip-hop had dropped throughout the years. Beyoncé and Kanye West's music was found to be below a third-grade reading level, so who knows where the Harverd Dropout artist would land.

Pump recently announced that his long-delayed second studio album is finally arriving on Feb. 22. The project was originally scheduled to drop sometime last year, originally teased for Sept. 14. When the  date came and went with no record in sight, Pump jokingly claimed he "lost" the album.

Check out some of the best reactions to Pump's claim below.