City Girls' "Fuck Dat N***a" is their debut solo single featured in Quality Control's 2017 compilation album, Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1. It also prominently samples "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)," and Khia, the rapper behind the raunchy 2002 hit, is trying to collect the coin she claims she hasn't received.

Khia got on social media to call out Pierre “Pee” Thomas, QC's co-founder, for allegedly being owed a cut for the Miami duo sampling her hit. In a video saved by The Shade Room, Khia is in a car brashly addressing Pee about her grievances.

"Pee.... You know I'm mad at you let those dirty-ass City Girls sample my shit, and you didn't pay me," she says in the footage, "while you act like you got so much motherfucking money." Khia peppers her claims with a number of insults aimed at both Pee and City Girls, one of whom is serving a prison sentence on fraud charges.

Pee didn't fire back at the taunts, but he did take to Instagram on Tuesday night to defend himself with receipts. One of them is a letter addressed to him that apparently confirms QC did pay for using "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)": $10,000 for the master that's owned by E1, according to Pee; $6,000 to copyright and administration company Third Side; and $4,000 to publishing company Memory Lane. (Khia's "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" was released by Artemis Records, a label acquired by E1 Entertainment after it shuttered.)

Although he doesn't claim that money went directly to Khia, Pee did include a copy of a $10,000 check and a magnanimous caption.

"Thanks for listening to City Girls," the caption starts. "I just want to let you know we cleared “My Neck, My Back” with E1 who owns the master and Memory Lane and Third Side Music on the publishing. I suggest you reach out to your publisher regarding the clearance. We have the agreements for the use and everyone was paid.

"You definitely set the pace with your monumental track," Pee writes in his closing sentences. "Keep blasting the City Girls."

Khia hasn't offered a rebuttal to Pee's post. Listen to City Girls' offending song below.