On the same day that the Michael Jackson family released a statement calling the HBO/Channel 4 documentary Leaving Neverland a "public lynching" of the late pop icon, Frank Ocean shared a photo of himself on his recently revealed Instagram in which he's wearing an MJ shirt.

The shirt features art circa the singer's 1991 album Dangerous. In the caption, Ocean said, simply, "MAN IN THE MIRROR." That, of course, is a reference to Jackson's 1988 Bad single of the same name. He makes no specific mention of the documentary. At the time of this writing, Ocean's post had garnered roughly 120,000 likes. 


A post shared by Frank (@blonded) on Jan 28, 2019 at 8:23am PST

Earlier Monday, the Jackson family released their latest statement on Dan Reed's four-hour film, which had its U.S. premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival last week. "We are furious that the media, who without a shred of proof or single piece of physical evidence, chose to believe the word of two admitted liars over the word of hundreds of families and friends around the world who spent time with Michael, many at Neverland, and experienced his legendary kindness and global generosity," the family said in a statement to Complex.

In an interview with Vulture that ran the day after the premiere, Reed—who's also directed Three Days of Terror and Legally High—said he was "not at all" familiar with Jackson"s story prior to beginning work on Leaving Neverland. "What I'm trying to achieve is to basically lock you in a space with these people, and for you to absorb all of the nonverbal signals—just the way we relate to people when they're telling us a story," he said.

Leaving Neverland is set to air on HBO this spring.