The nearly year-long legal battle between Frank Ocean and Om'Mas Keith is finally over.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the parties have settled their lawsuits against one another and are no longer seeking damages. Ocean and Keith have also agreed to pay their own legal fees.

In February 2018, Ocean sued his longtime producer who for claiming he was not credited for his contributions to 2016's Blonde. Keith said he had co-written 11 out of the 17 tracks featured on the album, including cuts like "Godspeed," "Nikes," "Ivy," and "White Ferrari." According to Ocean's lawsuit, the singer had hired Keith in 2012 to work on his debut album, Channel Orange. Keith reportedly accepted a flat fee and agreed not to take any associated royalties.

The parties began working together again a couple of years later when Ocean tapped to Keith to work on new music for Def Jam. Ocean claimed he had hired the producer to work on "the master recordings" for a flat rate, and that defendant did not write the lyrics, melody, or music for the songs. Ocean also said he and Keith entered a verbal agreement that was similar to their Channel Orange deal; but according to a countersuit filed by Keith in May 2018, the producer never accepted such terms.

Ocean requested an injunction barring Keith from registering or licensing any of the Blonde songs. Keith sought a court order stating he co-authored the records in question and requested unspecified damages for the "enormous and irreparable harm" caused by Ocean's conduct.

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