After dropping an entire album that reacted to the negative critical reception of Revival, Eminem is back talking about the drubbing that second album took on the new Boogie song "Rainy Days." 

He sounds appalled at the idea that people think he hurt his legacy with his recent output: "I left my legacy hurt? Fuckin' absurd/Like a shepherd havin' sex with his sheep, fuck what you heard."

Eminem also addresses the controversy Kamikaze stirred up with decidedly un-PC jabs at Tyler, the Creator and other famous folks. Eminem is done trying to be "woke": "Fuck it, I thought this might be a good time to put woke me to rockabye, I got the bottle of NyQuil right here/You want the sleep me to wake, you want Slim Shady EP, That’s on the CD cover, sockin' my mirror."

Eminem also says that he's not listening to critics (though he clearly is), pointing out that he takes his advice from a more trusted source. He raps, "I promise not to cry crocodile tears, if you end up shocked at my lyrics/Dre said, 'Rock the boat' and the Doc is my peer."

It's not only critics who've been going after Eminem recently. He's been targeted by rappers about half his age. After his back-and-forth with Machine Gun Kelly last year, Eminem has been called out by Tory Lanez in his ongoing quest to be named the greatest rapper alive. Eminem hasn't responded to Tory, but you can listen to the Boogie track above. "Rainy Days" appears on Everything's for Sale, which dropped Thursday night.

The new track received a rather unkind reception online, which means Eminem has plenty of fuel for the next time he pops up on a song.