Chance the Rapper is drawing a line.

After apologizing for working with alleged sexual predator R. Kelly, the Chicago rapper posted a message claiming he was "ashamed" of his friends who've also been accused of sexual misconduct. Chance said he heard many of these allegations within the past couple of days, and is convinced that the victims will receive the justice they deserve.

It's unclear whom Chance was referencing, as he didn't identify the "friends"; however, many fans had their theories. Two of the most frequently mentioned names are Towkio and Stix. The former is a Chi-town artist who's worked with Chance on a number of records, and the latter is a drummer for Chance's band The Social Experiment.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @pppermint accused Towkio and Stix of sexually assaulting her in two separate instances. She claimed Towkio had raped her in 2016 after he invited her to a party at his Chicago apartment. The young women said Towkio—legal name Preston Oshita—coerced her into sex, even after she expressed her objections.

After detailing the alleged rape, @pppermint turned her direction to Stix. She claimed the drummer had assaulted her in 2011 during prom. 

She went on to say that she began crying while watching the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, which featured Stix's father Gregory Landfair Sr., who is also believed to be the father of the underaged girl seen in Kelly's 2002 sex tape.

After publicly accusing Stix of sexual assault, @pppermint posted screenshots of direct messages in which the drummer apologized for making her "uncomfortable" during the incident. He also claimed her story was false and that she share what really happened. The woman responded to the messages in the screenshots' caption, insisting she would not change her story, nor would she be silenced.

Towkio issued a statement denying the allegations, writing, "While I absolutely deny these horrible allegations, I feel awful that I would be a source of pain for her," he said, adding that he hopes to speak about this in person "in a place where she feels comfortable."

This is a photo of Towkio.
Image via Twitter