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Cardi B bombs on conservative critics of her latest music video.

Last week, Cardi and City Girls' Yung Miami took the internet by storm when they dropped the visual for the City Girls' hit single "Twerk." In the video, Cardi B and Yung Miami dance to the track in full animal print body paint, clearly enjoying the moment with other beautiful women. While many applauded the video for its organic and fun feel, conservative pundit Stephanie Hamill took to Twitter to question its place in the #MeToo era.

In addition to missing the song's very blatant theme, Hamill must have not been aware of how Bardi gained her stardom as Hamill tried to tempt Cardi into social media sparring. Of course, Cardi caught this lob, taking the opportunity to explain how sexual liberation and agency are not in opposition to safety and consent. 

Hamill's attempt isn't the first time in the conservative realm that someone tried to attack the rapper, which Cardi acknowledges as a side effect of her harsh criticism of President Trump. Yet, not many play the social media game as well as Cardi, because of this she has made it clear that she will not stop speaking her mind.