Back in December, it was reported that BlocBoy JB was considering joining the wave of dance creators who are suing Fortnite creators Epic Games for copying their dances, putting them in the game as in-game celebrations called "emotes." Now TMZ reports that BlocBoy has pulled the trigger on suing Epic Games for stealing his "Shoot" dance, which they renamed the "Hype" dance in Fortnite.

According to documents pertaining to the lawsuit, BlocBoy says he's the originator of the dance and that Epic never asked for his permission to include it in the game. While he has never filed for a copyright on the dance move, he does say that he's in the process of applying for copyright on it now. BlocBoy joins the growing list of creators upset with Epic Games for their lack of credit and royalties from the game.

The mother of "Orange Shirt Kid" announced that she was planning to sue Epic Games earlier this month, while Backpack Kid, Alfonso Ribeiro, and 2 Milly filed lawsuits against the games developer and publisher last year. The wildly popular video game reportedly made over $3 billion in profits for Epic Games in 2018, although the creators of the dances have yet to see any of this money. It's clear the developer isn't hurting for money, and they'll likely continue to shrug off these lawsuits.