The growing list of individuals suing Epic Games over the inclusion of Fortnite dances without permission now includes Orange Shirt Kid, who had their dance added to the game as 'Orange Justice.' As Variety reports, Orange Shirt Kid's mother has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, following in the footsteps of Backpack Kid, 2 Milly, and Alfonso Ribeiro.

Orange Shirt Kid's case differs from the other complaints filed in a number of key ways, as his dance was originally performed in a video that was part of Epic's contest to get a new dance made by a member of the community in the game. He didn't win the competition, but his dance was later included in the game after fans campaigned to get it added. It eventually made its way to the game at the start of its fourth season, and unlike a lot of the other dances that are the subject of lawsuits it was available as a free reward.

The rules for the BoogieDown contest specified that those submitting dances would not receive any comepnsation if their dance is used in the game, and that they have the right to use it for publicity purposes, too. The lawsuit does not mention the contest. The law firm representing Orange Shirt Kid and his mother Rachel McCumbers is the same firm behind the other lawsuits directed at Epic Games. Orange Shirt Kid reportedly filed for a copyright application for the dance on Jan. 10, 2019.

As pressure against Epic Games continues to mount, Forza Horizon 4 notably removed two dances from the game in a new update.