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Treyway's Snow Billy has detailed his experiences in connection with the rise of 6ix9ine, who's currently in prison after being picked up on racketeering and firearms charges last month.

In an extensive interview with BBN Network, published earlier this week, Snow Billy gives some backstory on how he first met 6ix9ine and also accuses former manager Shotti of taking huge cuts of 6ix9ine's income. First, Snow Billy explained why he wasn't aboard the group's plans for 6ix9ine's image, which he felt should have been more "mainstream America" in its appeal.

"I wasn't really supporting a lot of the things that they wanted to do with 6ix9ine," the 69 Shots author said around three minutes into the discussion. "At the beginning, when he came out, I wasn't really for certain things. There was a lot of shit going on with him and Casanova. I had to get involved with that. But being who I am, certain individuals felt 'Let's remove him and once he's removed we can do what we want to do.'"

Later, Snow detailed the alleged attempt on his life at the hands of those who then considered loyal soldiers of his. "As I was getting out the car two individuals came out behind me. ... One shot me in the neck and the other one shot me in the back of the head," he said. A recent conversation with investigators, he added, included mentions of this incident.

"A few days ago I was snatched by the ATF, Homeland Security and the FBI and they told me...'You know why you were shot? The reason why you were shot was because you didn't give the sanction for the rainbow head boy to be in the Treyway.' And I'm saying 'Well, for the most part, there's some truth to that.' Because again, I didn't want him to have that negative attention on him."

Snow Billy circled back around to the topic of Shotti about 13 minutes in, alleging that the hit "GUMMO" video didn't result in payment to all involved parties. "They ain't get compensated at all," he said. "They ain't get compensated for nothing to deal with that video. Nobody got compensated. Yeah, bro, it was wicked. Very wicked."

Shotti, he further claimed, did "grimy shit" and shouldn't have been considered to be business-minded. "He's not a business man," he said. "He's a robber. He's not a business man. He's not business-oriented. He might seem like it because he was getting his feet wet but he didn't know what to do with the situation, as we can all see now. Look at it. It's a fucking mess."

Catch Snow Billy's full interview below.

6ix9ine's trial is slated to begin next September. His debut studio album, DUMMY BOY, featured Kanye West and Nicki Minaj and is currently the subject of some Billboard stats drama.