It’s been almost two weeks since Cardi B announced her breakup with Offset, and things are only getting messier. Offset failed to release his solo debut, which was expected to drop on Dec. 14. He interrupted Cardi’s performance at Rolling Loud over the weekend, possibly with the help of her publicist. And now it appears a loaded Facebook from Offset’s father, who goes by Tony Pla on social media (including a private IG followed by Cardi and Set) has surfaced.

Screenshots of the post, sent to a Facebook group, see Tony allegedly calling out his daughter-in-law's use of social media to broadcast the breakup.

“Right now, my family is going through a tumultuous time,” reads the screenshot. “What you see in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media is a powerful tool, but certainly no place for family situations; however, our youth, specifically my son’s wife doesn’t understand that. She seems to want to take everything to social media without regard to the devastation it has on others, past present and future or specifically what it does to the other children.” 

He also claims Cardi posting a photo of baby Kulture happened “out of spite,” when it was allegedly supposed to be used for Offset’s album cover.

“It was supposed to come out in his album,” Tony wrote. “She basically screwed my whole family over that vowed not to release pictures to social media.”

Cardi posted the photo of Kulture the day after announcing her breakup.

Though Set’s father pushes most of the blame on to Cardi, despite his son’s infidelity, he acknowledges his son has “done his share of dirt.” He writes, “the whole scenario is a tic for tack, mudslinging situation fueled by jealousy, envy, insecurities, psychological issues, drugs, etc, etc, etc.”

Whether you believe Offset's alleged father or not, this goes to show how complicated breakups are for everyone involved. The Migos rapper has apologized several times, asking for Cardi B's forgiveness, but given his track record of cheating allegations, it's more than understandable why Cardi is in no hurry to rush back into her husband's arms. Hopefully this situation can be resolved in a healthy manner for their sake, and for baby Kulture.